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Let's face it, it's not always easy raising healthy calves. We raised about a thousand calves annually on our farm in Central Wisconsin. We first developed our exclusive formula for Nutri-Calf Gel for our own use, simply because we weren't satisfied with any of the available products. We needed a non-medicated supplement that would help the calves during times of stress, especially during their transition from colostrom to milk replacer, without plugging up the calves too much or causing other negative side-effects.

It took several years and many different formulations, but we eventually developed an affordable, non-medicated, easy-to- use product that really worked for us. In fact, it worked so well that we started making it for our friends and neighbors. Our product was so successful that we took took their advice, and started our own company, Production Plus. We now offer our exclusive Nutri-Calf Gel to calf producers everywhere.
Mike and Mary Snider
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Available in the following sizes:

4 oz. packets
$95 (case of 50)

3 lb. pails
$126 (case of 6)

15 lb. pail

30 lb. pail